Wednesday, August 15, 2012

IPAF Training on Operator Training

There are several important IPAF training courses in the market which cater to the various work industries. These IPAF courses are specially certified by TÜV; an international and highly reputed agency on certification which checks the course conformation to ISO 18878:2004. Some of the TÜV certified IPAF courses include the Scissor and Boom course, Scissor Lift, Cherry Picker and MEWPS Operator course. MEWPS stands for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms which is important in the building and elevation work industries.
Operator Training
This IPAF operator training program may be just one day but it is one of the most popular IPAF courses with the most attendance with over 90,000 delegates across its 500 training centers which are IPAF approved. These training centers are available across the globe to the convenience of the attendees as all nations have building and elevation industries.
The course is targeted at those who need to work at height with the use of access equipment. MEWPS would have various types of tools and machineries which must be carefully operated to ensure complete safety to the operator and those in its vicinity.
Course candidates who successfully pass this one day course are entitled to the coveted IPAF Operators Safety Guide, IPAF photo card identification and PAL Card log book as well as a certificate stating the relevant machine categories.
The validity of this certificate is 5 years; after which the candidate is encouraged to take up a refresher course for a renewed certification. The refresher course is to update the operator on new machines, legislation and techniques due to changes over time in administration and technology.
Factors of training
The Work at Height Regulations insists that MEWP operators must be competent with the necessary operator training that provides the relevant and current technical knowledge while boosting the work techniques and experience.
The legislation may differ from place to place depending on the local administration and the relevant industries at that location. IPAF qualifications on MEWP operators are widely accepted and recognized in many countries whether by the local government or the industries.
The training providers must also be IPAF approved and recognized trainers with the right facilities and expertise in conducting the IPAF training courses. They must be well equipped with the latest technology and equipment on MEWPs to ensure an up-to-date syllabus that is relevant to the industry. There should be the latest deployment of the latest training approaches, techniques, tools and machineries with the latest updates in work at height legislation.